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@dlshirey @escarp YW. I’m not known for my relevancy or timeliness when it comes to great art...well, I’m not exact…
DL Shirey, aka @dlshirey said:
Wow. Thanks @redhotpopper for hearting this tweet today. A trip down memory lane brought to you by @escarp, back wh…
@escarp @_RobinJohnson Excellent, hearty
@escarp Thanks for following, escarp. If you like flash fiction, you will love our free book:
Quina vergonya; estat d'excepció sense declarar i autonomia intervinguda "de facto" i demaneu garanties al referèndum? @escarp @miqueliceta
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Shout out to @escarp for featuring some of my words. #amwriting
@escarp Thanks for following! Please consider submiting to us at
@escarp luck be a lady...
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@nelilly @nanoism @7x20 and @escarp are still around
@OliviaKCerrone so nice to see your work @escarp <3
@escarp I believe division is dumb. When we choose love we will be free from our fear…
@biscottidana @escarp Thanks for the retweet.
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RT @escarp My mother barbecued a moose in Yiddish, needing no heat but her grilling tongue. @ajackson568
Thanks for all the mentions, likes, and RTs: @RosalyKara @vvv64 @aktrisa777 @escarp @NatkaS73 @OrganizedCook @GutsyLiving
#thanks @escarp - Thanks for being top engaged community members this week :) (Get your Insight by 🆓
Thanks @escarp for #publishing my #Twitter 140-character #poem.
@escarp just published my Twitter-length poem: I walk in morning's dark/ Before moonset and sunrise/ No surfers,...
@escarp Thank you @escarp for publishing my #Twitter #poem
My mini-poem featured at ESCARP @escarp No Man is an Island/ Or a mountain/ A tree or a forest// He's just a...
@escarp published a piece of mine. Thank you! Check out their feed to read it.
@escarp A wise woman once told me, "Everything we refuse to let go of will eventualy be ripped away."
This was fun! I love the small fiction form Thanks @escarp @SusanRukeyser #flashfiction
My poem featured on @ESCARP
@escarp On the trail, up, down Around and through, over,under On the way to there.
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@escarp Thanks for the follow!
@geniablum @johnguzlowski @escarp John's poetry rips your heart out in its truth.
@escarp One, two, three hopscotch Fatal chances fall here and There, fortunate be.
@escarp I blow air through her mouth, count seconds between each breath. Hours later my wife’s marble lips unyielding to one last kiss.
@escarp I look in the mirror and see the face of my dead father looking back at me
@escarp steamed up mirror a name from my past reappears
@escarp she asked if I thought our love would last forever silence is also an answer
Call for Submissions>> @escarp seeks Tweet-length poems and prose. Push your ideas; prune all but the essentials.
@escarp Love has shown me the differance between learning and being taught... #onlyLove
@escarp Love embraces us all...
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